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Web Application Penetration Testing

Assessing your critical web applications and services.

What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Web application penetration testing is the security assessment of a web application, website or web API by a trusted and experienced security consultant. A web application penetration test will highlight vulnerabilities within your web application that could potentially be exploited by a real world adversary. 

How Can Your Business Benefit From Web Application Penetration Testing?

Web applications are the most popular and widely used pieces of software in the modern day. They can be used to: host critical assets, advertise services or to process extremely sensitive data. As a result of their variances, they present a difficult and unique challenge to securely build and maintain.

  • Security Auditors

    Almost all businesses have at least a single web application. As an absolute minimum, an information security auditor would expect this to be included within a penetration testing scope for various compliance requirements.

  • CISO / CTO / Heads of IT / IT Security Managers

    Senior management will have the security assurance that their often most public assets have been penetration tested and subsequently secured in line with security best practice. This mitigates a large portion of organisational risk.

  • Development Teams

    Development teams will benefit from a web application penetration test by learning from any mistakes that ultimately end up resulting in security vulnerabilities. This allows for more secure development processes in future products.

Commonly Asked Questions About Web Application Penetration Testing...

What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

A web application penetration test is a comprehensive security test on a website or a web application to identify vulnerabilities and security issues that real-world hackers might exploit. This will ultimately help you to secure your web applications and avoid any unauthorised access or data exposure.

How Long Does A Web Application Penetration Test Take?

The duration of a web application security penetration test depends primarily on the scope of the test and the complexity and type of web application assessed. Depending on the above factors, this can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Who Performs Web Application Penetration Testing Services?

Our web application penetration testing is performed by a team of highly certified testers that have the necessary skills needed to find vulnerabilities in a controlled and approved manner. We have a team purely dedicated to assessing web applications.

Will You Help Fix Identified Vulnerabilities?

If this is previously agreed, Penetration Testing Middle East will assist in all remediation activities to assist in fixing identified security vulnerabilities. This will take place alongside existing web application development teams.

How Often Should a Penetration Test Take Place?

Penetration Testing Middle East recommends that web application penetration testing takes place at least every 6 months, or when key new features are added. This could be a new user management or file upload feature for example.

How Can I Trust Penetration Testing Middle East?

Our hand-picked and highly certified team is built off of our high levels of success within the exceptionally competitive UK market. We are a vastly experienced team looking to become industry leaders within the UAE market and as such we guarantee the highest level of service to ensure we get there.

Web App Security Dubai

Our Web Application Penetration Testing Lifecycle

Web application penetration testing makes up about 80% of our total engagements. Our lifecycle and methodologies for testing web applications has been developed in line with commonly accepted security standards and our own experience spanning over multiple years.

Your organisation can rest assured that from start to finish, the process is as simple as can be – whilst still receiving an exceptional penetration testing service.

This is something that we specialise in, with our testers holding some of the highest qualifications and accolades available.


Penetration Testing Middle East will learn about the key features of your web application through a scoping call or technical demo. Questions will be asked between all involved parties.


A proposal will be issued detailing the items in scope, terms and conditions, cost and duration of the project. Once this contract is mutually signed, the project will be scheduled and will shortly commence.


Your dedicated penetration tester will begin enumerating the web application to identify potential attack paths and security vulnerabilities.

The penetration tester will perform the penetration test and will identify and safely exploit any identified security vulnerabilities. Safe proof-of-concepts will be demonstrated.

Where previously agreed, Penetration Testing Middle East will assist your organisation in fully mitigating any identified risks. This will include working with existing development teams.


A high level de-brief session will take place between Penetration Testing Middle East and your key stakeholders. This will be tailored for both executive and technical members of staff.

  • Quality

    You can rest assured that the quality of our penetration testing is of an extremely high standard - providing you with the assurance that you require.

  • Methodologies

    Our methodologies are inline with industry best practice and are based off our extensive penetration testing experience over multiple years.

  • Minimal Disruption

    Our services are designed to allow you to fully assess your environments without causing any significant disruption to day-to-day business activities.

  • Cost Effective

    We understand that different businesses have different budgets. Our team are able to work with you and your budgets to offer a bespoke service.

Your Trusted Penetration Testing Partner.

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