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Dubai's Cyber Force Initiative

Proud members of the prestigious Cyber Force Initiative

Dubai Cyber Force Initiative

We are proud to be one of the first accredited cybersecurity companies to become a member of the Dubai Cyber Force initiative. Aligned with Dubai’s cybersecurity strategy, this initiative combines the latest global measures to protect cyberspace with Dubai’s specificities comprehensively and it’s leadership in innovation and integration.

The Dubai Cyber Force program is an innovative collaboration between CREST and the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC). The program is part of the delivery of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy (DCSS), which has a mission to place Dubai among the most secure digital cities in the world.

DESC Accredited companies

Why Choose a Cyber Force Company?

There is considerable variability in the services delivered by penetration testing companies globally. Methodologies vary, breadth, depth and quality of assessment vary, and the underlying skills and competencies of the individuals delivering services can differ significantly. Dubai’s Cyber Force initiative sets a high, internationally recognised benchmark for the delivery of cyber services. It uses a program-based approach to deliver increased quality, improved technical skills, and greater consistency across the cyber security sector. 

It is essential to have confidence that Dubai’s public sector and critical information infrastructure (CII) are well protected. Only Cyber Force members are permitted to provide penetration testing for the Dubai Government, and many public sectors. 

Our ongoing commitment to outstanding quality, industry expertise, and Cyber Force membership make Penetration Testing Middle East an excellent choice for all of your cyber security needs.

Your Cyber Force Penetration Testing Provider

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to become the leading authority for cybersecurity testing within the UAE, offering unrivalled penetration testing services and technical capabilities. To achieve this, we will continuously invest in cutting-edge technology, training, staff and methodologies to ensure that our team remains at the forefront of the offensive cybersecurity field.

Our commitment to excellence will be evident in every engagement, as we prioritise precision, thoroughness, and adaptability in our penetration testing approaches. We will also cultivate strong relationships with our clients, understanding their unique security needs, and providing tailored solutions that inspire confidence in  their digital defences.

We aim to actively contribute to the broader cybersecurity community through knowledge sharing, research, and education, reinforcing our position as thought leaders. Through relentless dedication to these principles and a steadfast commitment to innovation, we will soon realise our goal of safeguarding the digital landscape of the UAE, providing organisations with the levels of security assurance that they require.

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